About Us

Hi. My name is Michael Hall. I started Hedge Street Trading 7 years ago with the sole purpose of providing a service to new traders so they could safely navigate the shark infested penny stock markets. I feel, just like the markets change, that a new direction is needed. So I'm starting Clout On The Street, a full access service that is 100% free. I want every one to have the opportunities to make millions. I will primarily cover penny stocks with some random dips in to the Nasdaq/NYSE markets. I will provide my unbiased view on penny stocks including bearish or bullish sentiments. We will take on 'Old Wall Street


Head of sales

Anthony DiTusa- With a strong background in sales and personal relations, Mr. DiTusa managed and oversaw some of the biggest building maintenance companies in New York City including ABM. Mr. DiTusa focuses on getting to know the company and understanding there specific needs first. He is a strong proponent on building relationships first and has shown himself to maintain client confidence for many years. It’s these principals and morals that he takes and utilizes with companies in the OTC market.

Head of options trading

Bill Manfield- Worked my way from stock buying for about 4 years into full time options for the last 3. I like to swing trade and do the occasional long term hold, sometimes a weekly lotto is thrown into the mix. I use Keltner Channels, RSI, and volume for my charts, i'm a Technical Analysis trader. I follow price and that let's me dictate if i'm bullish or bearish, i try to look for the best r/r when purchasing. I also dabble in sports handicapping and have been doing that for over 15 years now. I am confident in what i do and know that you will lose more than win, as long as you let winners run and cut your losses fast.

CEO founder of clout on the street

Michael Hall- With a background in trading and investor relations on the NASDAQ and NYSE markets, Michael Hall realized that he could bring his services to a much needed sector, the OTC marketplace, which has been lacking in reliable IR options. The knowledge that Michael Hall gained from the 'big boards' translates well and has provided many opportunities to unlock value for under-served companies and their shareholders with increased visibility, while helping to sustain their value long term.

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